About Pencilight

A Choice of Wellness

Who We Are

Pencilight is a proudly Egyptian company that introduces innovation in lighting through an assortment of premium-quality, original, modern & contemporary designs with healthy lighting systems.

Beyond our home designs, we offer a variety of lighting services and production solutions for all types of industries, businesses, and designers, with the goal of supporting people who seek artistic, high-quality décor settings through cutting-edge manufacturing technology, and the finest material.

Our unique designs are created and crafted by artisans who are constantly inspired by various forms of art, nature, and functionality; we are happiest when we see people use our products not just as a light source, but as a piece of art that completes their decorative vision.

Corporate Foundations

• Establish a high level Egyptian brand that produces authentic and uniquely designed lighting fixtures with healthy systems for general wellbeing.
• Provide people with products that elevate their quality of life through designs that express character, and rich material that refines the décor experience.
• Extend support through our knowledge and technical facilities to both established and growing designers, artists, and decorators.

• Elevate people’s wellbeing and quality of life through merging business, science, passion, and art.
• Evolve into a global premium lighting brand offering Egyptian made products, mainly with locally sourced material, crafted and designed by Egyptian talent.
• To promote and contribute to the growth of our highly talented and skillful local community of interior design & décor, lighting design & technology, and arts & culture.


For our purpose, our field, and our people. We have a collective vision and the passion to deliver it.

In bringing diverse layers of creativity and beauty to every aspect of the company. Light is an art as well as a science.

In conducting ourselves. Using assertive communication to build and strengthen connections on all levels.

Everyone connected to this business must be responsible, and everyone must also benefit and grow.

Is central to how we thrive. We enable people to develop their potential, work productively and creatively, form positive relationships with others, and meaningfully contribute to the community.